Kanda ya Katavi

Katavi Zone Irrigation Office

Office Address

Katavi Zone Irrigation Office is based in Katavi Region. It is located at Kichangani Street beside Mpanda to Ugala road.

The Office can be reached through the following addresses:

National Irrigation Commission,

Katavi Zone Irrigation Office

P.O. BOX 92,

Mpanda - Katavi.


Katavi Zone Irrigation Office started in 2016 under National Irrigation Commission, with goal of reducing workload from Mbeya Zone Irrigation Office by bringing its services close to people. The Zonal Office carries activities of NIRC Head Quarters, related to coordination, promotional and regulatory function in the development of irrigation sector and all other activities that NIRC has to perform as required by the National Irrigation Act No-5-2013.


Katavi Zone covers three regions, namely Katavi, Rukwa and Kigoma. The Regions with respective Districts are as follow:

  1. Katavi – Mpanda Dc, Mpanda Tc, Nsimbo, Mlele, and Mpimbwe.
  2. Rukwa – Sumbawanga Dc, Sumbawanga Tc, Kalambo and Nkasi.
  3. Kigoma – Uvinza, Kasulu, Kibondo, Buhigwe, Ujiji (Kigoma Municipal), Kakonko,and Kigoma Dc


On the South it borders with Songwe region; on the North is bordered with Country of Rwanda; On the West borders with Tabora region and on the East is the Lake Tanganyika.