Tume ya taifa ya umwagiliaji ofisi ya Mbeya

Mbeya Zonal Irrigation Office

Office Address

Mbeya Zonal Irrigation Office (NIRC - MBZIO) for the Southern Highlands Zone is based in Mbeya Region in Mbeya City Particular. It is situated/located at SIDO - Airport Street Block "O" Plot No.29 near Kabwe shopping Center. It can be reached through the following address and contacts:

Mbeya Zonal Irrigation Office,

P.O. Box 3575,

Mbeya, Tanzania.

Telephone :+255- 252502242

Fax:+255- 252503485

Email: mbziu@iwayafrica..com


Mbeya Zonal Irrigation Office started its operations since 1980’s, with the aim of bringing irrigation and technical services close to people. This office is operating under National Irrigation Act No.5 of 2013.


The Southern Highlands Zone covers Four regions, namely Iringa, Njombe, Mbeya, and Songwe. The Zone has 16 District namely Iringa, Kilolo, Mafinga, Njombe, Wanging'ombe, Ludewa, Makete, Mbarali, Mbeya, Rungwe, Kyela, Ileje, Momba, Songwe, Mbozi and Chunya. The Zone has 23 District Councils namely Tunduma Tc, Momba, Ileje, Mbozi, Songwe, Mbeya Mc, Mbeya Rc, Chunya, Rungwe, Mbarali, Busokelo, Kyela, Makete, Ludewa, Wanging'ombe, Makambako Tc, Njombe Tc, Njombe Rc, Mufindi, Mafinga Tc, Kilolo, Iringa Rc and Iringa Mc.The Regions with respective Districts are as follow:

1.Mbeya - Mbeya, Mbarali, Chunya, Kyela and Rungwe.

2.Songwe - Songwe, Ileje, Momba and Mbozi.

3.Iringa – Iringa, Mufindi, and Kilolo.

4.Njombe - Njombe, Ludewa, Makete and Wanging’ombe.


On the South it borders with Ruvuma Region; on the North are Tabora, Dodoma Regions; On the West borders Malawi, Zambia, Rukwa Region. and on the East is the Morogoro Region.