Kanda ya Mwanza

Mwanza Zone Irrigation Office

Office Address

The National Irrigation Commission (NIRC) office for the Mwanza Zone is based in Mwanza City in Nyamagana Municipal Council . It is located at Mahina Area in Temeke Ward, Plot No: 308Block KK , about along Mwanza Musoma Highwaynear Mwatex Ltd.

The Office can be reached through the following addresses:

NIRC - Mwanza Zone

P.O. BOX 11454

Mwanza - Tanzania




The NIRC – Mwanza Zone started its operations in 2009, with the goal of bringing its services close to people. The Zonal Office carries activities of NIRC Head Quarters, related to identification of irrigation potential areas in collaboration with district councils; preparation of feasibility studies detail design and tender documents for irrigation projects; provision of technical support to LGA and private sector in irrigation development and management of irrigation schemes; ensure dissemination and utilization on construction, operation and maintenance manuals and other guidelines; assist LGA on formulation of irrigators organisations; undertake data collection for irrigation data bank; prepare plans for the utilization of groundwater and rainwater harvesting for irrigation purposes; supervision of construction and rehabilitation of irrigationschemes;mainstream environmental and social aspects in irrigation plans; promote water saving and renewable energy technologies; undertaling and adoptable andappliedresearch on irrigation ad drainage aspects; promoting Integrated Water ResourceManagementin collaborating with Water Basin offices regarding water user permits


The Lake Zone covers four regions, namely Mwanza, , Geita, Kagera and Mara. The Regions with respective Districts are as follow:

  1. Mwanza - Ilemela, Ukerewe, Sengerema, Nyamagana ,Misungwi, Magu and Kwimba.
  2. Kagera - Biharamulo, Ngara, Karagwe, Bukoba, Kyerwa, Muleba and Misenyi .
  3. Geita - Geita, Mbogwe, Bukombe, Chanto and Nyagw’ale.
  4. Mara - Butiama, Musoma, Rorya, Tarime, Bunda and Serengeti