Kanda ya Tabora

Tabora Zonal Irrigation Office

Office Address

Zonal Irrigation Office - Tabora is based in Tabora. It is located at Cheyo ‘A’ Area, along kilimatinde Road.

The Office can be reached through the following addresses:

National Irrigation Commission,

Zonal Irrigation Office,

P.O. Box 1053,

Tabora - Tanzania






Tabora zonal irrigation office started its operations since 1980’s, with the aim of bringing irrigation and technical services close to people. This office is operating under National Irrigation Act No.5 of 2013 with the following main functions;-

  • To identify irrigation potential areas in collaboration with Local Government Authorities;
  • To prepare irrigation projects feasibility studies, detailed designs and tender documents;
  • To provide technical support to LGAs and the private sector in the development and management of irrigation schemes;
  • To ensure dissemination and utilization of operation and maintenance manuals and other irrigation guidelines;
  • To assist LGAs in the formulation of farmers irrigation organizations;
  • To mainstream environmental and social safeguards in irrigation and drainage plans and designs;
  • To undertake data collection for irrigation data bank;
  • To prepare plans for the utilization of groundwater and rain water resources for irrigation purposes;
  • To ensure quality control of irrigation and drainage infrastructure;
  • To supervision construction and rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage works;
  • To disseminate new construction innovations on irrigation and drainage infrastructure;
  • To facilitate undertaking of adaptive and applied research on various irrigation and drainage aspects;
  • To promote water saving irrigation technologies;
  • To promote renewable energies for irrigation and drainage purposes;
  • To promote use of locally available construction materials tested with positive results for minimization of costs and water losses;
  • To promote Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in collaboration with Basin Water Boards regarding irrigation water use permits;
  • To liaise between the Commission Headquarters, Region, Districts, LGAs and the private sector on irrigation matter;
  • To provide Administrative and Human Resources Management Services;
  • To provide Finance and Accounts Services; and
  • To provide logistics and procurement Services.


Currently, Tabora Zonal Irrigation Office covers three Regions namely Tabora, Shinyanga and Simiyu.